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Why to buy, when toys can be rented?

on May 31, 2012

Do not buy expensive toys, but rent toys, give every week, a new toy to your kid, without spending big money!

Yes! With working parents and their busy schedules, buying toys has really become tough. That’s the reason toys are the best friends.

But the  exhaustive variety of educational and fun toys, its short term utility as children out grow them and the space constraints in modern day houses are some of the major reasons that makes buying a real tough decision.

Buying fewer toys is going to save our money, house space and environment but then as a parent you might feel that your kids are missing out something.

Here comes B.A.G.S, a toy library, where we buy & you enjoy!

We help parents to overcome all of the above challenges by simply renting toys for short duration providing children the opportunity to explore and play with many toys at the price of some.

We care not only for likings of the little ones but also makes sure that these toys are spic and clean, safe and sound. No doubt, the brands we offer are of international repute. We make sure that each & every toy is completely sanitized before delivery.

As the toys are recycled within the member community, this helps us reduce the carbon foot print as well.

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Toy library work just like  book libraries, in that you borrow items for a period of time then swap them for new ones. This means you (well yes, and the kids!) get to play with a huge range of toys without having to store them when the novelty wears off or your little ones outgrow them. And there will probably be some toys that you are glad to see the back of after hearing them non-stop for weeks!

We have over 500 toys for all age groups to borrow and indulge themselves with.

B.A.G.S offers a host of membership plans on quarterly, half yearly & yearly basis which is definitely a value for money.

Our  Home delivery facility will not even save your valuable time but money as well energy also.

You can opt for our Orange/Red membership plans with a minimum registration charges of  Rs. 500/-

We look forward to your joining us in!

there is So Much to Know and So Much to Do at B.A.G. LIBRARY & STORE” so come on over.

For queries- call at  +91-0141-2219096

We are located at Basement, Jajoo Towers, A-7/9, Hawa Sadak,, Jaipur, India 302019


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